SAP Electronic Training Manuals

ERPtips training manuals are used exclusively for our SAP training courses. The manuals provide hands-on exercises that are fully documented with step by step screen shots, and text that clarifies what (and why) we are going through each step. Our detailed training manuals will serve as a useful resource to help you sustain the knowledge you acquire during class.

SAP Module Manual Title Table of Contents Sample Chapters Course Description


Financials Basic Accounts Payable View TOC View Sample Accounts Payable
Financials Controlling View TOC View Sample Controlling
Financials Fixed Assets View TOC View Sample Fixed Assets


ABAP ABAP Objects View TOC View Sample ABAP Objects
ABAP ABAP Programming View TOC View Sample ABAP Programming
ABAP ABAP Web Dynpro View TOC View Sample ABAP Web Dynpro

Human Resources - Human Capital Management

HR Basic Organizational Management View TOC View Sample Basic Organizational Management
HR Basic Personnel Administration View TOC View Sample Basic Personnel Administration
HR Basic Payroll View TOC View Sample Basic Payroll

Logistics - Supply Chain Management

Logistics Inventory Management View TOC View Sample Inventory Management
Logistics Logistics Execution View TOC View Sample Logistics Execution
Logistics Materials Management View TOC View Sample Materials Management
Logistics Material Requirements Planning View TOC View Sample Material Requirements Planning
Logistics Plant Maintenance View TOC View Sample Plant Maintenance
Logistics Pricing View TOC View Sample Pricing
Logistics Basic Procure to Pay View TOC View Sample Basic Procure to Pay
Logistics Production Planning View TOC View Sample Production Planning
Logistics Purchasing View TOC View Sample Purchasing
Logistics Sales and Distribution View TOC View Sample Sales and Distribution

Product Lifecycle Management

PLM Basic Quality Management View TOC View Sample Basic Quality Management
PLM Variant Configuration View TOC View Sample Variant Configuration

Overview and Navigation

Overview Overview and Navigation View TOC View Sample Overview and Navigation

Student Comments


"Much better than what I'm accustomed to seeing from other training companies." JMC Steel Group

"Way better than any other SAP training manuals I've ever seen."

"Manuals were clear and comprehensively documented the step by step business process."

"Will make an excellent reference guide back at the office."

Quick Facts
Quick facts about ERPtips training manuals:
  • The manuals average over 400 pages in length, with step-by-step exercises and hundreds of screen shots.
  • All manuals have been tested repeatedly by our senior instructor consultants in live classroom situations, and reflect the ERPtips philosophy of teaching the software within the context of end-to-end business processes.